The device that is used to expand the range or coverage area of your Wifi router is called Extender. It is recommended to use the extender when there is no or less range. There are various features that an extender provides such as you can restart the extender remotely, you can change the password if you have forgotten and much more. Here, we have explained the setup of the extender via an existing Wifi network.

Connect to an Existing Wifi Network

There are two ways by which you can connect with your existing Wifi network. The first one is through WPS and second is through the web browser.

Connect With Web Browser Setup

You need to login to the extender and then have to set Wifi connection to your existing Wifi router.

Steps to follow to connect through a web browser:

Connect an Ethernet-Enabled Device

If you connect a wired device to the extender using an Ethernet cable after the establishment of the connection between extender and Wifi network then that device is able to access the existing network through the Wifi connection of the extender. After installing the extender, you are able to change the settings of the extender by log in to the extender. There are proper steps on how to login after installation.